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  • Nematically Enhanced Superconductivity

    The electronic nematic phase, wherein electronic degrees of freedom lower the crystal rotational symmetry, has become a central focus of both cuprate and iron-based superconductivity research. Though magnetic spin fluctuations are commonly believed to drive Cooper pairing in both of these families, the common occurrence of a rotational symmetry-breaking nematic Read More
  • Evidence of Spin-Excitons in SmB6

    The Kondo insulator SmB6 is purported to develop into a robust topological insulator at low temperatures, yet there are several puzzling and unexplained physical properties of the insulating bulk. A collaboration with Jeff Sonier from Simon Frasier University reports muon spin rotation measurements of SmB6 that show thermally-activated behavior, confirming Read More
  • High-Spin Superconductivity Discovered in Half-Heusler YPtBi

    In all known fermionic superfluids, Cooper pairs are composed of spin-1/2 quasi-particles that pair to form either spin-singlet or spin-triplet bound states. The "spin" of a Bloch electron, however, is fixed by the symmetries of the crystal and the atomic orbitals from which it is derived, and in some cases Read More
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