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  • Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Now Published!

    The Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School, held annually at the University of Maryland, brings together the next generation of growers to learn techniques and pointers directly from senior scientists. This book compiles our lecturers most important ideas to share their expertise with a broader audience, resulting in a compilation Read More
  • New Spin-Triplet Superconductor Discovered

    Spin-triplet superconductors potentially host topological excitations that are of interest for quantum information processing. We report the discovery of spin-triplet superconductivity in UTe2, featuring a transition temperature of 1.6 kelvin and a very large and anisotropic upper critical field exceeding 40 teslas. This superconducting phase stability suggests that UTe2 is Read More
  • Nematically Enhanced Superconductivity

    The electronic nematic phase, wherein electronic degrees of freedom lower the crystal rotational symmetry, has become a central focus of both cuprate and iron-based superconductivity research. Though magnetic spin fluctuations are commonly believed to drive Cooper pairing in both of these families, the common occurrence of a rotational symmetry-breaking nematic Read More
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