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  • Two Studies Highlighted in 2015 NIST Annual Report

    Two recent publications involving neutron scattering experiments performed at the NIST Center for Neutron Research have been highlighted in the 2015 NCNR Annual Report. The studies, involving a multi-disciplinary collaboration between CNAM members J. Paglione (physics), E.E. Rodriguez (chemistry) and NIST Fellow J.W. Lynn, are focused on superconductivity and magnetism Read More
  • Direct Evidence of the Topological Kondo Insulator Published in Nature Physics

    First predicted in 2010 by M. Dzero, V. Galitski and colleagues, the Topological Kondo Insulator (TKI) is a fascinating realization of the 3D topological insulator state in a strongly correlated "Kondo" insulator. Samarium Hexaboride, the archetype Kondo insulator, is an ideal candidate for realizing this exotic state of matter, with Read More
  • Nanostructured Superconductors On Demand

    When the size of a superconductor becomes comparable with these characteristic lengths, the properties of the superconductor can change dramatically, including the critical temperature, critical magnetic field, and vortex structures. A collaborative study led by the group of Dr. Joe Stroscio at CNST NIST Gaithersburg has performed scanning tunneling microscopy Read More
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